Emotional intelligence is a crucial part of accessing your intuition.

Each emotion has a message, a clue, to support you in making decisions that keep you aligned and on your life path.

However, you have to learn the language.

There are 3 parts:
1. Awareness of how you are feeling
2. Naming the feeling
3. Expressing the feeling

Many of us have a rather small vocabulary when it comes to naming our feelings, so begin to practice expanding your vocabulary. For instance, all of the following feelings are aspects of feeling happy: joyful, amused, delighted, glad, jubilant, pleased, or tickled. Each feels a little different.

In general, when you are feeling higher frequency emotions, such as grateful, happy, excited, those are telling you that you are in alignment. When you are feeling lower frequency emotions, such as frustrated, anxious, depressed, those are telling you that you are out of alignment. This information helps you make decisions.

All emotions are important. Allow yourself to feel the entire spectrum without judgment. The more you repress emotions the bigger they become. Also, it keeps you out of connection with your intuition!!


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