your abilities as a Purpose Driven Leader


your organizational structure, culture, products and services to become a Purpose Driven Organization


your business to become a Movement

Evolve – To A Purpose Driven Leader

Your evolution as a leader is mapped across the 4 Zones of Leadership, identifying your own unique path.

Zone 1 – Fear Based, Blaming Others and Reactive – Leaders who are reactive to conditions and circumstances after they already occurred.
Zone 2 – Responsible, Problem Solving, and Results Focused – Leaders who focus on solving problems of the present that might soon be the problems of the past.
Zone 3 – Mission Driven, High Flow State and Innovation Focused – Leaders who prepare for the emerging future and innovate the kind of future that will make today’s problems obsolete.
Zone 4 – Collective Mission, Business Ecosystem and Interconnectedness – Leaders who consider potential global shifts in our interconnected global business ecosystem and the impact those could have on the organization before they happen.

Innovate – To A Purpose Driven Organization

We explore the gaps in your organizations and what it would take to transform it to a Purpose Driven Organization. We also identify new innovation opportunities across organizational structure, culture, leadership team performance, products and services that together will exponentially impact the bottom line.

Align – To Become a Movement

In collaboration with your organization, we map your ecosystem’s strategy, openness, relationships, value exchange and technology with all stakeholders to help transform them into a movement. Your business ecosystem map allows you to discover hidden opportunities for collaboration, alliances and possibilities for collective innovation.

We will help you define new organizational structures, roles and processes across the organization. We will gather and analyze information, formulate and test hypotheses and develop recommendations.

The result: A Purpose Driven Movement that includes more than your original stakeholders participating with you to capitalize on untapped business ecosystem resources and opportunities.

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