Why has our training and consulting successfully transformed organizations?

✅ Training While Working

“Who has time to train?” Our training is hands on, learning while engaging in actively innovating your company, your products and your services. Imagine your leadership being trained while simultaneously solving the most important and critical challenges in your business.

✅ Incremental Value

The development program transforms the organization in real time with clear, measurable, incremental added value from week to week, month to month.

✅ Causal Inference

We look at the root cause, of all that is occurring in the organization, to avoid wasting resources on solving symptoms that do not address the problem’s root cause.

✅ Opportunity Cost

We laser focus on the questions and activities that matter most while considering the opportunity cost of engaging or not engaging in them.

✅ Comparative Advantage

We constantly assess the allocation of resources across the business ecosystem creating opportunities to leverage all resources available and help you to focus even more on your core advantages.

Leadership Training and Consulting

Mastermind Groups

Live Training

Leadership Training and Consulting

Leadership training and consulting for CEO’s, C-Suite Management, Senior Management, Key Executives and Business Owners.

We work with mission driven leaders, in an executive coaching and consulting capacity, to enhance your leadership capabilities by teaching you new, cutting-edge leadership paradigms, practices and thought-provoking ideas.

Our corporate engagements are modular and customized to your needs. We offer you: virtual services; single and multi-day on-site or off-site events; and long term project advisory.

We work with the following leaders and organizations:

  1. Mission Driven Leaders – You are a change-maker, a mission driven leader in business ranging from small to large organizations and nonprofits.
  2. Using Business as a Force for Good – Creating positive impact in the world without causing negative consequences for the people and the planet.
  3. Committed to Evolution – You are committed to your own evolution and to the evolution of your organization, continually striving for excellence to create the best possible future.

We base our leadership training on how you are participating in the 4 Zones of Leadership and how to shift between them to achieve the highest level of impact.

  1. Zone 1Fear Based, Blaming Others and Reactive – Leaders who are reactive to conditions and circumstances after they already occurred.
  2. Zone 2Responsible, Problem Solving, and Results Focused – Leaders who focus on solving problems of the present that might soon be the problems of the past.
  3. Zone 3Mission Driven, High Flow State and Innovation Focused – Leaders who prepare for the emerging future and innovate the kind of future that will make today’s problems obsolete.
  4. Zone 4 Collective Mission, Business Ecosystem and Interconnectedness – Leaders who consider potential global shifts in our interconnected global business ecosystem and the impact those could have on the organization before they happen.

Mastermind Groups

This is an opportunity to learn from the collective experience of the group. Not only do we, as the facilitators of these groups, help to guide those who are involved, but so do fellow members who’ve also struggled and overcome things that other members might be going through at that very moment.

It’s an opportunity for networking and getting help at the highest level with the exact people who can support you to learn and expand your skill set quickly.

This is an intimate experience of 6-8 individuals who are ready to get to the next level.

Live Training

On-Site and Off-Site Events

We offer on-site and off-site in person events that are catered to your organization’s specific needs.

These events are highly experiential, transformational and positively impact the bottom-line.

Create X Lab

Create X Lab is a public event for Evolutionary Leaders across all size businesses and industries who desire to impact business paradigms and cultures and serve our many business ecosystem. Evolutionary leaders are change-makers who create a positive impact in their organizations and community through leadership, innovation and excellence.

At Create X Lab we gather to experiment with new ways of collaborations towards collective greater missions. We evolve, innovate and align our businesses.  Leaders explore the most important questions in their businesses, receive insights, ideas and get to experience paradigms shifts.

The result: We evolve and innovate our best collective future.

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