Purpose Driven Leadership Development

Creating a Purpose Driven Organization

Create X³ Accelerator – Creating a Movement

Purpose Driven Leadership Development

A program designed to equip the leadership team with all the tools they need to lead a Purpose Driven Organization.

Developing a Purpose Driven Organization

How do you transform an organization to become a Purpose Driven Organization? It takes more than having an organizational purpose. You need to create a culture, products and services that fully embody your Purpose.

Create X³ Accelerator – Creating a Movement

In collaboration with your organization, we will create your custom business ecosystem infrastructure and platform for collective innovation. We will involve new stakeholders that were not in your business before in order to have your Purpose become a Movement.

Our Branding Your Purpose programs are geared to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative.

Why has our work successfully transformed organizations?

✅ Training While Working

“Who has time to train?” Our training is hands on. You learn while engaging in actively innovating your company, your products and your services. Imagine your leadership being trained while simultaneously solving the most important and critical challenges in your business.

✅ Incremental Value

The development program transforms the organization in real time with clear, measurable and incremental added value from week to week, month to month.

✅ Causal Inference

We look at the root cause of all that is occurring in the organization to avoid wasting resources on solving symptoms that do not address the problem’s root cause.

✅ Opportunity Cost

We laser focus on the questions and activities that matter most while considering the opportunity cost of engaging or not engaging in them.

✅ Comparative Advantage

We constantly assess the allocation of resources across the business ecosystem creating opportunities to leverage all resources available and help you to focus even more on your core advantages.

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