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CI Executive Consulting

Typical engagement is six months

The primary reason to invest in executive consulting is to accelerate desired change behaviors. Our work may include assessments, coaching, and skills training. Our Executive Consulting purpose is to elevate leadership consciousness to become the best leader you can be. We customize your development to create the highest impact.

Consulting Day Onsite

Use Collective Intelligence to understand problems. We will observe the leader/organization at work to generate insights, facts, and information on the dynamics of a situation, behaviors, and environment contributing to the problem.


Consulting Day Offsite

Use Collective Intelligence to understand problems. We will research, conduct interviews, data analysis, assessment developing to gather the data needed to understand the problems to solve them. Examples are marketing research, competitive analysis, business ecosystem mapping. The primary reason to invest in such consulting days is to enable an expert to customize evidence-based content for your organization.


Keynote or Other Brief Speech

The primary reason to invest in us as a speaker is to introduce a new topic to accelerate learning. We speak about “How to leverage Collective Intelligence in your organization.”

Full-Day Workshop

We pack this full-day workshop with tremendous value. They are meaningful, experiential events.

Executive Retreat

Typical engagement is 2-3 days

Executive leaders have unique demands on time and energy. They require condensed leadership development experiences. They must be remarkable. The goal is strategic transformation or breakthrough.

The Collective Intelligence model we use fosters breakthrough experiences that are highly impactful. We use Collective Intelligence Design to Seek Solutions. You might understand the problem but don’t know how to best tackle it, or your existing approaches to tackling this problem are not working well enough. We create solutions that make the problems obsolete. We also use Collective Intelligence Design to Decide and Act – make decisions with, and informed by, collaborative input from a diverse range of stakeholders affected by the issue. Your team will generate a ranked list of proposed actions/ideas for implementation. You will have clarity and vote on the given topic with a course of action and gain a collective agreement on the next steps. For example: aligning the team on vision, mission, values, strategies, or tapping into the future of your business.

Why has our work successfully transformed organizations?

Leveraging Collective Intelligence

Our programs are designed to capitalize on diversity and inclusion leveraging the CI of your organization

Measured Incremental Value

Our development program transforms the organization in real time with clear, measurable and incremental value added from week to week, month to month. We measure qualitatively and quantitatively so you can calculate your ROI.

✅ Real Business Experience

Our coaches are serial entrepreneurs and leaders first and coaches second. We authentically share real business experiences, outcomes and techniques in a vulnerable fashion.

✅ We offer customized programs rather than a one solution fits all approach

We believe that no one leader is the same, no one business is the same. Our customized programs and coaches are matched to best fit your leaders and teams.

✅ Training While Working

“Who has time to train?” Our training is hands on. You learn while engaging in actively innovating your company, your products and your services. Imagine your leadership being trained while simultaneously solving the most important and critical challenges in your business.

Our leadership development programs are geared to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative.

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