Our Vision

Leaders are making smarter decisions that value all life.

Mission & Intention


We inspire leaders to access new levels of intelligence to solve their most critical challenges.



To call forth and engage leaders to co-create the most amazing future for humanity.

  1. Value all life
  2. Multidimensional Integrity
  3. Alignment of intentions, words, and actions
  4. Embrace the unknown with curiosity
  5. Free and playful expression

Our Team

Steven Ringelstein

President & Chief Creator

Steven is the founder and CEO of Pristine Creations LLC, a Collective Intelligence consulting firm helping CEOs of small and midsize purpose-driven tech companies grow their profitability, impact, and reach.

Steven is a scientist at heart, an entrepreneur by DNA, and a pioneer with a mission to elevate consciousness in leadership. He uses quantum physics and neuroscience principles to tap into the Collective Intelligence of a group to solve critical challenges. He pioneered the 4 Zones of Leadership, a systemic way to elevate leadership consciousness in organizations. He is highly skilled in Collective Leadership effectiveness and intelligence, representing a substantial untapped potential in most organizations.

Steven is recognized for his strategy development expertise, High-Flow-State Leadership Teams, and innovative cultures. He is an Israeli Air-Force veteran. He has 17 years of leadership experience as a CEO/COO for high-tech companies and 18 years of consulting experience for fortune 500 leaders. Steven has consulted for hundreds of clients, from C-level executives and their leadership teams to entrepreneurs leading high-growth, high-impact businesses.

Steven has worked with highly technical and sophisticated leadership teams in healthcare, aerospace, microprocessor, financial services, consumer products, and automotive industries throughout his career. Past clients have included W.L. Gore, Kimberly-Clark, General Motors / Delphi, Autoliv, Motorola, Rubbermaid, Raytheon, Ford Aerospace, Talley Defense Systems, Boeing, GE, Intel, Microchip Technology, L'Oréal, LifeCell, and many more.

Steven holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has BBA in International Marketing & Management from the City of New York University. He holds numerous other professional degrees and training, including defense contracts, engineering, software development, financial services, insurance, and the healing arts.

Gail Taylor-Smith

Vice President & Chief Technologist

Gail is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 35 years of technology and business development success in the aerospace and defense industry. She is a former Executive for the Boeing Company and most recently HRL Laboratories, LLC, where she was responsible for leading technology investment and transition strategy. Gail is highly skilled in business strategy, technology strategy, team leadership, and innovation.

Her organization and customers have recognized Gail for exemplary technology development leadership. Using her diverse teams' collective intelligence, she grew her externally funded technology portfolio from $0 to $60M in 5 years. She inspires her teams to imagine beyond their thinking mind to create the best possible future.

Gail's current passion is applying the scientific principles of neuroscience and quantum physics together with her highly technical skills to help leadership teams and their organizations use Collective Intelligence as a key strategy to solve critical challenges.

Gail's training includes a B.S. degree in Engineering from UCLA, M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from USC, Government-Industry Program Managers Development Course, Business School training certificates from UCLA and USC, and the Multidimensional Leadership Institute.

Kerry Borcherding

Behavioral Science and Emotional Intelligence Expert

Kerry has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in psychology, behavioral science and emotional intelligence. She is an expert in developing leaders in the areas of communication, energy management, intuition and mind-body awareness.

Kerry uses neuroscience, psychology and human behavior principles to transform leaders’ abilities to eliminate destructive behaviors so that they can function at high flow states and peak performance. Her work increases employee productivity, happiness and engagement.

She also empowers leaders and their teams to fully access their unlimited potential, true purpose and leadership gifts in order to create a larger, positive impact on humanity and the planet. She drives leadership teams to harvest meaningful connections to achieve extraordinary results.

Kerry graduated with her Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and has numerous other certifications within that field. As an avid seeker of human evolution, she has participated in numerous self-development courses. She is a graduate of the Multidimensional Leadership Institute, a program that teaches you how to hack your own behavior algorithms so that you can transform yourself. Kerry is also an animal communicator and a horse whisperer and brings the teachings of non-verbal communication into corporate environments.

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