Create X – Table Lead Training

Friday, September 27, 2019 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Origin Hotel Red Rocks | 18485 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401 | 303-215-0100


General Admission:  By September 26, 2019 $135

Registration and tickets HERE

Being a masterful facilitator is imperative in life and business.

If fact, you are either facilitating or you are being facilitated….whether you know it or not.

Any time you are in a group: your family, your friends, your co-workers, or your employees, you have an opportunity to take the lead and move the conversation in a way that will best support everyone involved.

This is a huge part of being a strong leader, a successful entrepreneur, or professional…..a SUPERPOWER that many overlook.

This is why we have created a 1-day training that will give you some critical, foundational facilitation skills that you can use in your everyday life and business immediately.

Most importantly, once you take the training, you have the opportunity to practice those skills on a monthly basis as a table lead at our Create X Events.

What is a table lead?

At our Create X Events entrepreneurs and professionals come together to tap into the full potential of their human intelligence and into the quantum field to source critical information for their business. We use our proprietary process called Quantum Innovation Circles, in which participants work in small groups. Each group has a table lead who helps facilitate the conversation in order to bring forth information from the quantum field in support of the group focused question / inquiry.

What does a table lead do?

A table lead supports participants to stay focused on the guided facilitation at the event by:

  1. Encouraging participants to share observations
  2. Guiding participants to deeper sensing and listening
  3. Pausing participants when they want to give advice or problem solve
  4. Directing the participants to speak from “I” and own their experience
  5. Redirecting participants to focus on their experience rather than giving their opinion
  6. Pausing participants when they are projecting
  7. Asking participants to focus on sensing rather than speaking from their thinking mind
  8. Redirecting conversations from stories to the present moment

What will you learn at the training?

  1. The language of intuition versus the thinking mind.
  2. How to gently guide, pause, redirect, and facilitate the conversation at the table to align with the Quantum Innovation Circles process.
  3. How to create an experience at the table of vulnerability, authenticity, and meaningful connection.

What can you do with what you will learn?

  1. Be an official table lead at the Create X Events.
  2. Develop your own sensing, awareness, and communication skills to help others better connect to their innate abilities of intuition in a group setting.
  3. Be a more effective facilitator of group conversations in your own business.

Please join us!!

Registration and tickets HERE

Questions about the event? Call Kerry at 303-579-5926

Facilitated by:

Kerry Borcherding

Kerry Borcherding supports people worldwide to create a stable foundation to their lives and businesses through coming into alignment first and taking action second.

It is her mission to empower people to see the immense power they hold and their unlimited ability to co-create when they tune into their higher self and intuition. From this place, joy, magnetic presence and success are inevitable.

In addition, Kerry is the co-creator of Hope Held by a Horse, a non-profit that supports women with breast cancer to learn, grow and heal in the company of horses.

Kerry holds a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and numerous other certifications.

Steven Ringelstein

Steven Ringelstein is the founder of Pristine Creations LLC, a Strategic Innovation Consulting firm and the creator of Quantum Innovation Circles. He is a pioneer in taking innovation to the next level by tapping into the arising future, collective human intelligence and creating innovative cultures.

Prior to his consulting career, Steven has served in the Israeli air force and was a serial entrepreneur of several aerospace and commercial manufacturing high-tech companies.

Steven holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and numerous other professional certifications.

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