What do we offer?

We offer 3 key programs:
1. Corporate Innovation – Quantum Innovation Circles (QIC)
2. Create X for Entrepreneurs – Community Events
3. Multidimensional Leadership Institute (MDLI)

Innovating the future

Consulting, workshops, retreats

Corporate Innovation – Quantum Innovation Circles

New Ideas, Design and Strategies

Create X Lab for Evolutionary Leaders

Community Events focused on creating positive impact through leadership, innovation, and excellence.

Multidimensional Leadership Institute (MDLI)

Year-Long Training Program to Become a Multidimensional Leader

Corporate Innovation – Quantum Innovation Circles (QIC)

Corporate Engagements for CEO’s, C-Suite Management, Senior Management, Key executives and business owners.

Through the QIC experience, we create solutions to your most challenging problems while transforming employee engagement to create an innovative culture with High-Performance Teams for Small, Mid and Large Businesses.

Innovation – Using our proprietary process called Quantum Innovation Circles (QIC) we guide CEOs and leadership teams to answer the most important questions for their organization.

This process is for companies that are looking to create disruptive innovation with their products / service offerings, enhance their marketing and transform their organizational culture. It is best described in this quote by Jen Kruger: “the world is divided between those who invent another world and those who want to just recreate the world that is already there”.

We have successfully guided companies to transform:


  1. Creativity / Innovation
  2. Strategic Planning & Visioning
  3. Exponential Growth Leadership

Human Resources

  1. Motivation / Empowerment
  2. Team-building, Conflict Resolution, high performance teams
  3. Training, management / leadership Development

Marketing & Sales

  1. Marketing Strategies
  2. Sales & Sales Force Management
  3. Market Research

Personal / Professional Development

  1. Leadership / Role of CEO
  2. Problem Solving / Decision Making
  3. Leadership Assessment
  4. Negotiation
  5. Stress Management

High Performance Teams– this framework was developed by Steven Ringelstein in partnership with High-performance leadership teams of fortune 100 companies and has been successfully implemented yielding exponential results. We offer Leadership Team assessments and off-sites customized to the unique needs of your organization.

The quality of the execution of any mission depends on the leadership team. TRI (Team Resonance Imaging TM) is our own developed assessment tool that allows us a holistic perspective of 12 different slices of the team or organization. It is also a training platform, tools and practical methods, we have used with fortune 500 leadership teams to achieve high performance.

The leadership team can see the assets and liabilities inherent in the team and organization as it is functioning today. With this, leaders know the areas to target strategically and can develop their teams in ways that lead to higher performance and mission success.

Create X – for Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, entrepreneur life can be a hard and lonely road.

You work on your business alone, create new programs and content alone, and often have to figure out solutions to problems and next steps alone. This does not have to be the norm.

Create X provides a community where entrepreneurs can come together and learn from one another in a safe and fun environment. Most importantly, you will learn and practice how to easily access new ideas and perspectives that exist in the quantum field – the realm of infinite possibility.

You may have heard of the quantum field or quantum physics and even if you do not understand all of the science behind it, it is still available to you regardless of your education or skill level….just like you don’t have to understand the science behind your cell phone in order to magically connect with people all over the world.

You have the ability to receive information from the quantum field, and you don’t have to be born with a special gift to do it.

We currently offer live events in Denver Colorado. If you are in Colorado, please visit our Events Page and check it out.

Multidimensional Leadership Institute (MDLI)

Multi-Dimensional (MD) leaders are tapping into greater sensing abilities to view and experience “reality” in a way that reveals the invisible, the unseen, unheard and unimaginable possibilities that exist in the universe. Tapping into the unknown where true possibility lives allows MD leaders to create and lead from an arising future.

We view leadership in the 4 Zones or paradigms:

  1. Zone 1– is not taking responsibility for one’s actions, mistakes or consequences but blaming others. There is lack of transparency and trust. Individuals play victims, or villains or “hero” saving other victims. People are rewarded based on how well they play their politics not their accomplishments.
  2. Zone 2– is based upon performance, success metrics, KPI’s and individual success is reward over team. Strong ego leaders thrive and tend to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes. Money, power and control are driving forces of zone 2 culture.
  3. Zone 3– is characterized by open and transparent collaboration with aligned intentions being commonplace, thriving on diversity of thought, ability to hold multiple perspectives and acting in alignment with the whole team.
  4. Zone 4 – is founded on the knowing that we are ONE, all connected and impacting each other. The premise of operating in Zone 4 is that each person holds a piece of the puzzle and their perspective is part of a bigger picture. Trust is central to Zone 4 leadership and it is characterized by the willingness of people who are curious to discover the unknown, in collaboration with others. Innovation is at the heart. Leaders exhibiting the characteristics of Zone 4 achieve exceptional business results.

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Key Note Speaking

What subject will you choose?

The Neuroscience of Leadership

The power of your brain to lead

Leading from an Arising Future

Tapping into the innovation of the future

The Ultimate Decision Making

The future of decision making

Leadership Resilience

Developing the practices of the future you

High Performance, Impact & Coherent Teams

The ultimate co-creative teams’ creation

The Human Intelligence Element

Upgrading your analytics, expert advice and science based behavioral tools and solutions

Information and Technology Race vs. Human Evolution

We have radically changed our environment; will we be able to radically change ourselves as leaders to thrive in the environment we created?

Collective Intuition

Tapping into your unique abilities to “know” without the need for conscious reasoning

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