For the next few vlogs, we will be sharing about the 4 Zones that you can live your life from. Each zone represents a way in which you perceive reality and the way in which you perceive reality, impacts how you feel, how you live your life, and the decisions you make.

The image below represents the 4 Zones:

Watch this episode to learn about the characteristics of Zone 1 and Zone 2, why some of you stay in Zone 1 even if you don’t necessarily want to, and practical tips to move from Zone 1 to Zone 2.

When you live your life in Zone 1, you believe that you are a victim of your circumstances. You believe life happens to you. You are separate form the world. This is the lens through which you perceive reality.

Many people live their lives in Zone 1 and spend much of life feeling not good enough, fearful, worried, stressed, frustrated, etc.

You often have thoughts in your mind that say, “Don’t try that, you’re not good enough. Don’t quit the job you hate, you won’t ever find anything else. I’ll never have enough money to buy the house I want.”

These voices tend to run your life, impact how you feel each and every day, and determine how you make decisions.

Do these voices sound familiar?

Bring a circumstance to mind when you felt like you had no control over the outcome. When you felt like the victim or wanted to blame someone else. Notice how you feel when you think about it. Notice the sensations in your body.

Generally, living in Zone 1 feels exhausting, frustrating, powerless, anxiety provoking, and even depressing. And, the longer you stay there, the harder it is to get out.

Now, let’s talk about Zone 2.

In Zone 2, you realize that you create EVERYTHING in your life, even the things you don’t like, which also means that you have the ability to solve every problem you have.

When you have a problem in Zone 1, you often feel like there’s nothing you can do about it. In Zone 2, you have the ability to find the solution to any problem, and that alone supports you to get out of Zone 1.

Even though Zone 1 is incredibly uncomfortable, many people choose to stay there out of habit and comfortable discomfort. Multiple excuses and safe problems are created by the mind to stay Zone 1.

Can you relate?

For those of you who are sick and tired of Zone 1 and are ready to move to Zone 2, here are some tips:

1. You have to be aware that you are in Zone 1. If you are…

2. You have to want to move to Zone 2. If you do….

3. Ask yourself the question,”What is 1 thing I can do?”

4. Take an action.

For example, recently I was feeling completely overwhelmed by all I had to do for work….preparing for the podcast we are going to launch, our 2-Day event in January, the monthly Create X Events, etc. Mind started spinning. I felt stressed and wanted to avoid doing anything. I felt awful.

1. I noticed I was in Zone 1.

2. I definitely wanted to move to Zone 2.

3. I asked myself, “What can I do about it?”

4. I can write a list of everything I need to do and place them in my calendar.

That stopped me from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It was in my calendar now, so I no longer wanted to avoid taking action.

Finally, one last tip…Take a look at who you are surrounding yourself with. If you are surrounded by people in Zone 1, it will be challenging to get out of Zone 1.


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