Your body has a lot to say to you, so it’s critical to start listening.

It is constantly giving you feedback about your life through pain, contraction, goose bumps, tears, coughing, nausea, cramping, warmth and, so much more.

Each sensation is a message, a clue, to support you in making decisons that keep you aligned with your path and purpose.

They help know what to do or not do, where to go or not go, what to eat or not eat….

All you have to do is learn your body’s language.

In this week’s video we share some personal stories about how our bodies have informed us, as well a simple practice that will help you start listening.

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  • Ann Wolta Blackstone says:

    Hi Kerry!
    This was fabulous and I will practice getting in touch with my body sensations! I have been struggling a long time with my chest area so, I am going to try to see if I can get in touch with my body sensations.
    Hope all is going well!

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