You most likely have heard about the power of setting intentions.

An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness of that which you aim to create. It is like planting a seed of desire.

The piece you may not know if that you are setting intentions all day every day with every one of your thoughts.

So, what kind of seeds are you planting??

Because there are no accidents. Everything in your life came from an intention from you!!

Steven and I will share what intention setting looks like from the perspective of the 4 Zones.

Also, we will look at conflicting intentions. For example, you may set an intention to make a certain amount money or get a certain number of clients, but then at the same time, you have thoughts that sound like, “I’ll never be able to make that much. I’ll have to work day and night to do that.”

Which intention wins??

Find out by watching this week’s training.

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