Create X Lab – February 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020 | 6:15 – 8:45 PM

Origin Hotel Red Rocks | 18485 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401 | (303) 215 – 0100


General Admission $30.00

Day of Event: $35.00

Registration and tickets HERE

Questions about the event? Call Kerry at (303) 579-5926


Create X Lab is for Evolutionary Leaders across all size businesses and industries who desire to impact business paradigms and cultures and serve humanity, the animals, and the planet as one Eco-system. Evolutionary leaders are change-makers who create a positive impact in their organizations and communities through leadership, innovation, and excellence.

At Create X Lab we gather together to experiment with a unique co-creation process to answer the most important questions you face as a leader in businesses today.

Each month there will be:

1. A Guest Speaker – an evolutionary leader will share the specific leadership, innovation, and excellence practices he or she uses in his or her business.

2. Challenge / Question – you will connect to the most important question or challenge you have in your business to explore possibilities.

3. Crowd Sourcing –  We will practice a collective conversation following a unique process to explore what you do not yet know about your challenge that would support you and your business.

This month’s guest speaker is Marco Lam.

Marco is the Founder of the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado and a renowned acupuncturist and herbalist who harvests many of his own herbs that he uses in his practice. In addition, he is the Co-founder of both Performance Tea and Freya Health.

Marco is a curious and compassionate human being who has a passion for health and the environment and a strong belief in the ability of entrepreneurs to create a better world.

He is well known in the Boulder community for supporting elite athletes, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in pursuing peak performance and expanded flow states.

He has a powerful gift in seeing both the patterns in humans and landscapes. He believes that by insightful observation it is possible to nurture harmonious possibilities for evolution.

Marco has tripled his business in the last year and he his coming to share his insights with us.

This is a highly experiential event. You will have the opportunity to share your unique perspective, practice using your imagination within a group, and create rapid, meaningful connections with fellow leaders.

You will walk away feeling highly connected to others, touched in a meaningful way, and equipped with insights, ideas, and practices to apply to your business.


How do we do this?

From a scientific perspective, we do this by tapping into the quantum field.

You are wired to have access to the quantum field even if you are not aware of it. No technical skills are required for you to participate nor is there a need to understand how it works. The meeting is facilitated and guided to make it accessible to every person in the room.


Why do we do this?

We live in a world that is driven by technology and science that relies on the growing use of algorithms to make decisions for us. What if our world becomes a giant algorithm run by machines? What would happen to human consciousness?

While we do not know the answer to this question, it is our sense that investing in the development of a higher level of awareness and human consciousness is an important part of our evolution. It is also our sense, similar to the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data, that humanity’s true power lies in our collective.

Create X Lab was created to cultivate and grow your awareness so that you can incorporate consciousness into your decision-making in a collective manner. The result: creating a future that is human, animal, and planet friendly.


Create X Lab is for you if:

  1. You are a change-maker, a leader who truly cares about the future of humanity, animals, and the planet.
  2. You are willing to push the edge of your own evolution to imagine what’s beyond the world you see.
  3. You are committed to lead by example in your own organization, company, or project.
  4. You are open to being vulnerable and transparent.
  5. You are ready to get out of your comfort zone and explore creating from a different perspective.


What did attendees say about this event?

“I’m speechless about the power I experienced at Create X. I don’t think I’ve experienced true connection in 46 years.” – Gina Stenback

“Having the opportunity to share and feel in a strong and powerful way. Also having the opportunity to connect deeply with other like-minded people.” – Melanie

“The energy and connection that was created was beyond words. Through the experience, there were so many doors that were opened for true, deep and meaningful insight.” – Rebecca

“The ability to feel, sense, and allow us to bypass the limitations of the mind into the truth.” – Johannah Conant

“Both facilitators were incredible at bringing our group back to the present, back to an awareness of the connection I have to myself, others around me and spirit.”- Megan Powers

“Create X offers an invitation for people to be vulnerable in a safe and collaborative environment and explore the truth of who you really are.”
– Melissa

“It’s hard to explain until you actually participate. Mostly that the quantum field has all of the answers, and together, through collaboration, we arrive at better solutions. – Freddy


Join us at Create X Lab to learn, to practice, and to tap into ideas you never thought possible.

This is your secret weapon for business success.

And, it’s fun!

Please join us!!

Facilitated by:

Kerry Borcherding

Kerry Borcherding supports people worldwide to create a stable foundation to their lives and businesses through coming into alignment first and taking action second.

It is her mission to empower people to see the immense power they hold and their unlimited ability to co-create when they tune into their higher self and intuition. From this place, joy, magnetic presence and success are inevitable.

In addition, Kerry is the co-creator of Hope Held by a Horse, a non-profit that supports women with breast cancer to learn, grow and heal in the company of horses.

Kerry holds a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and numerous other certifications.

Steven Ringelstein

Steven Ringelstein is the founder of Pristine Creations LLC, a Strategic Innovation Consulting firm and the creator of Quantum Innovation Circles. He is a pioneer in taking innovation to the next level by tapping into the arising future, collective human intelligence and creating innovative cultures.

Prior to his consulting career, Steven has served in the Israeli air force and was a serial entrepreneur of several aerospace and commercial manufacturing high-tech companies.

Steven holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and numerous other professional certifications.

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