Imagine the business results you could realize if you had better insights into your rapidly changing competitive landscape. What if you could illuminate future possibilities and Chart the Course in alignment with your desired outcomes?

Tapping into the arising future implies that you can tap into future possibilities to source information that is critical for the future success of your organization. In essence, it is tapping into the best information available to make strategic decisions for the future including where to invest. It’s getting beyond the cognitive biases based upon the past that exist in every organization. These biases include framing bias, confirmation bias, anchoring bias, optimism bias, planning fallacy bias and many, many others.

The arising future is a puzzle made out of pieces. Each piece is held by a stakeholder who is part of the mission, the expression, and part of the collective of humanity. As with any puzzle, all of the pieces are required in order to have a complete picture. The ability to access the collective human intelligence of all stakeholders, including the leaders, provides that complete picture. You can explore the answers to any quest by revealing the puzzle pieces of the path forward. This can be done for any cause, project, or creation by gathering the puzzle pieces until you have coherent clarity about what wants to be created. Practically any area of business can benefit from arising future leadership. Examples of how this works:

  • Investment– Whenhired to assess an $80M investment opportunity, tapping into the arising future for this investment revealed that there would be nothing left from this investment within 3 months. The client was advised against making this investment. The client did not heed the advice and invested. Two months later the FBI shut the company down for fraud and the $80M investment was lost.
  • Product Strategy– While consulting for a Life Sciences company, we were hired to help with delivering results. The company had 750 PhDs working on 150 different research projects! Not a single project was making it to market. After working with the team, we were able to reduce the number of projects from 150 down to only 3. By tapping into the arising future and using the collective intelligence, we were able to gain alignment on the 3 projects that would go forward. Those 3 projects were hugely successful and resulted in the company being acquired.
  • Marketing Strategy – at the annual leadership team’s marketing strategy event, the intention was to formulate strategies to increase the customer base for the organization. Tapping into the collective intelligence of all stakeholders illuminated the fact that previously unidentified human resources were available, at no additional cost, to support the larger mission. The organization was able to move from struggling with limited resources to an expanded team that was able to generate accelerated customer base growth.

There is really no limit to how leading from an arising future can be applied to your business challenges. Tapping into the unknown, where true possibility lives, allows Multidimensional Leaders to create and lead from an arising future. Contact us at Pristine Creations if you would like to learn more.

Gail Taylor-Smith

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