Participation in Pristine Creations’ Quantum Innovation Circles (QICs) experience creates a cultural paradigm shift. We view culture in 4 Zones or paradigms: Zone 1 is a blaming culture in which there is lack of transparency and trust – Individuals are rewarded based on favoritism not on accomplishments.; Zone 2 is an ego-centric culture in which leaders and Individuals take responsibility for their actions and outcomes; Zone 3 culture is characterized by open and transparent collaboration with aligned intentions being commonplace thriving on diversity of thought; in a Zone 4 culture people are curious to discover the unknown -collaborative innovation is at the heart of the organization, reflected in the actions of the leadership as well as the employees. Ask yourself:  Which cultural zone best reflects your organization today? Where would you as a leader ideally desire to operate your business? Once we understand the current reality, we can explore shifting that reality. By embracing Quantum Innovation Circles in your organization, you can transform your culture from Zone 1 or 2 to Zone 3 or 4. Companies exhibiting the characteristics of a Zone 4 culture achieve excellent business results. Examples of such organizations include Amazon and Google.

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